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What is Ypagez?

The advertising needs of a business owner are constantly evolving, which is why we created Ypagez business web pages. Ypagez web pages are included with every Yellow Pages United account at no extra cost, built to rank on search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo and look great on mobile devices and tablets.

How do I login?

If you have successfully completed the one-time, simple registration process at:

How do I register?

Customers wishing to get access to their listing must first complete a one-time, simple registration process with a valid email address at the following URL:

Why do I have to provide my email address?

To protect the integrity of the opt-out system, a few, simple steps are necessary.  When you register, a link and temporary password is returned to the email address you provided during registration..

My General Listing is incorrect, can I fix it?

To update and optimize your online presence, create an account. If optimizing your online business profile isn't right for your business at this time, simply contact us to have your business removed from our general listings.